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So with the event leading up to AVCON, we were having a much bigger booth this time around. Having two trestle tables and two large Pull up Banners we used our posters and stuck them to the sides of the screens.

We also had these two printed game manuals that had descriptions of the characters with their abilities stats.

There was a time during the convention where these 2 gamers came up to us, and they studied the game manuals for a good 10-15 minutes. The thing that was pretty great was they picked up the game a lot faster compared to other testers that came by the booth which was really great to see,

We ended up using the Windows 10 Game Bar to record new footage to test it out on my main machine, since compared to some recent issues with recording with OBS on my Desktop, I was losing frame rates with the recording, the file sizes the footage that was being created were fairly moderate sizes as well so it was a great plus.

During the playtesting all throughout the weekend we ran a bean counter adding +1s to the levels that were being selected so we could more accurately pin point the more popular levels.

We found that the courtyard was doing very well but purely because the level was at the top of the level selector, we just found that lots of gamers were just keen to get into the game, and sometimes even after one of the Drunk Galah team mates were scrolling through the levels asking which level the gamers would like to play on. We found eventually that the Ancient ruins ended up taking the lead.

During the event we had an opportunity to slide into a spot on the Indie games showcase.

Which was quite an interesting experience being in the Spotlight.

ManaTech being featured in the Indie games Showcase at AVCON.

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We have a new trailer of the game in its current state.

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I'm going to start this off, with an introduction to ManaTech.

ManaTech is a top-down Twin-stick Multiplayer Shooter, with multiple characters with different abilities. Where players can fight each other on a range of environments that go from Static to dynamic environments.

The game supports up to 4 players locally and is still fairly early in progress.

The art style of the game is composed of primarily the "Stylized Hand Painted" assets, that also used the help of Highpoly to Lowpoly models that are sculpted for the baking render passes. (I'll probably make a post about this in detail later on.)

The scene below is of our Main menu scene, without the interface attached.

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