Indie Game Development team

based in Adelaide.

Drunk Galah is a dynamic indie games team formed by a team of recent graduates in Digital Media. The team brings their experience and skill from studying at TafeSA Game Art and Flinders University Digital Media and adds a passion for games. We love games. We know games. We make games, To bring friends together. "


Current Projects


ManaTech is a Top Down Twin-Stick, Multiplayer Shooter. That has diverse characters with unique abilities utilising Magic and Technology. Players battle in dynamic environments. 

Aim your attacks, dodge your opponent’s shots and utilise your character’s abilities to their fullest to defeat your opponents in the arena.

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MEET Drunk Galah

Matt Robinson - Tech Art, Environment Artist.
Jason Williamson - 3D character Artist, Tech Artist
Alfredo Baggetto - 3D Character, prop Artist.